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What is it?

This is software that lets you access, manage, organize, and share your personal bookmarks through a web-based interface. Ol'Bookmarks is highly customizable with multi-user and themes support.
To install it, you will need:
  • A Mysql or Postgresql database
  • PHP 4.1 or higher with support for your database
  • A web server with PHP support
To use it, you will need:
  • A Web browser. Any browser is fine.

More information

This project is released under the GNU GPL license. You may use ol'bookmarks under the terms of this license. See details of the GNU GPL for more...


  • Multiple user support
  • Mozilla and Opera sidebar support
  • Public/private view of bookmarks
  • Read only page (with no menubar, no edit buttons)
  • Folders/categories management
    (reorder, rename, delete categories)
  • Title,Url,keywords,login/password informations for bookmarks
  • Search bookmarks with url parts, keywords, etc
  • Get recently added/modified or accessed bookmarks
  • Themes management for all views
    A few themes are provided. Users can write new themes. (HTML-based, with instructions)
    Frames are also supported.
  • Multiple language support - for both the interface and the bookmarks. Currently supported languages:
    • English
    • French
    • Italian
    • Dutch
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Polish
    • Need help for other languages (see the SourceForge patch submission to post languages files; Use one of the current language files in lang/ directory of the latest version of ol'bookmarks as a reference)
  • Import from Mozilla/Netscape/Opera bookmarks file
    (IE users can export their Favorites to a file, and this file is Netscape-compatible.)
  • Export to Mozilla/Netscape bookmarks file
    (other browsers can import from this format)
Feature requests


    jcpp jcpp at users.sourceforge.net
    sh00p sh00p at users.sourceforge.net
    shuther shuter at users.sourceforge.net
    Uli Tuerk tuerk at phonetik.uni-muenchen.de
    Vincenzo from HI-Lab; http://www.hi-lab.net/
    Mark Verboom http://www.verboom.net/
    Frank Stemmer http://www.gibts.de/
    Uli Tuerk tuerk at phonetik.uni-muenchen.de
    Pablo López-Jamarpjamar at users.sourceforge.net
    Ryszard Lach rla at users.sourceforge.net
    Federico Cozzi federico.cozzi at sns.it
    Koichi OIKE
    Fernando de Alcântara Correia
    Chi-Sheng Yu


You are encouraged to contribute to ol'bookmarks, sending:

Current version: 0.7.5

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