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On-line demo

An online-demo of v.0.7.4 is available with several logins:
  • login: test passwd: test (contains some already registered bookmarks/categories)
  • login: qwerty passwd: qwerty (contains some already registered bookmarks/categories)
  • login: jack passwd: jack (empty account)
  • login: jill passwd: jill (empty account)

You can switch from one an account to another using the upper right link on the olbookmarks toolbar (Logged as ...)

As several people can try online-demo and modify parameters in theses accounts, you may notice strange behavior (bookmarks desepearing, categories renamed...) Don't be afraid! We aren't responsible for any offensive content!

Note: Some of the bookmarks in the 'qwerty' account have gibberish names. This is a problem in the person's bookmarks.html we found on the 'net. Ol'bookmarks will handle all characters just fine.

Current version: 0.7.5

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